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Marble Bar and Surrounds - Day 21n 22

Marble Bar

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Today just the three of us left Carrawine Pool without mishap and made our way to Marble Bar via a particular geological spot. First up was a visit to Mt Edgar which is the remains of a core magma chamber. The volcano has blown and this is the plug into the magma below. It looks like a mini volcano and similar to all the hills around but different composition. We had to do a bit of driving though the bush but were rewarded with the hill all to ourselves. Much fossicking provided all the rocks we needed. 20180717_130916.jpg20180717_131611.jpg20180717_125910.jpg20180717_131307.jpg
Into Marble Bar and we set ourselves up at the caravan park which had plenty of shade, water, grey nomads and hamburger night! For $15 we joined the others in the camp for a huge hamburger, providing you were at the front end of the queue. As we were in the younger age group we waited for our older pensioners to go through and we picked up the scraps! What they piled onto their plates would leave a sumo wrestler challenged! One couple had both sides of the bread stacked high claiming that's what they thought a burger was, while (to be fair) a young couple had 3 and 2 respectively. Mine host who was new to this phenomenon has learnt very quickly to control the horde of locusts next time. Still we sat around a log fire under a lovely clear starlit night and munched on our somewhat emaciated burger.
Next day was for exploring Marble Bar.20180718_112037.jpg With an icecream to start us off we visited the bar that makes the place famous. The massive wall of rock that crosses the water way is not marble but a rock called jasper, made up from very hard assorted silca based minerals. There was still water in the lagoon but certainly not for swimming. 20180718_115803.jpg20180718_115918.jpg20180718_115220.jpgThere is a $6000 fine if you are caught taking rock from here, and after we had a quick cuppa and a check of the adjoining Chinaman Pool we set off for an area where jasper collecting was permitted. The gents set off with picks and returned with copious quantities of the rock.20180718_144238.jpg
We then set off to see Glen Herring Gorge some 50 odd kms away. This gorge has the most amazing geology with huge chunks of different rocks all cemented into a conglomerate. There was a section where it looked like lava had oozed through the rocks giving a snake-like appearance. Even if one isn't interested in rocks this gorge really is something to see and although the various pools were partly filled, it was a spectacular scene with the setting sun. We'll go back there.20180718_163533.jpg20180718_163246.jpg20180718_162137.jpg20180718_162326.jpg20180718_161116.jpg20180718_161723.jpg20180718_161137.jpg
After such exertions it was time to to check out the iconic Ironclad Hotel built way back in the late 1800s and one of the first pubs in WA to have air conditioning. The owner of said pub who also owns half the town, was currently caught up with the muster on his station some distance out of town and we gather a tad busy. As a result of the cat being away the mice played up and the manager fired the cook the night before - apparently many bar staff had also left over the past weeks. We were greeted by a tattooed, assertive, somewhat butch lady at the door who asked us what she could do for us. Momentarily bewildered ( and even Mark didn't state the obvious) we were invited into the pub which had walls plastered with assorted photos, old signs, flags, paintings and other paraphernalia. The saloon bar was tiny and next door contained the pool tables, assorted lounge seats (one with a dog flat out sleeping) and a duke box belting out the latest noise.
As it was rush hour for about a dozen of us nomads, we cluttered up the place making the only lady move a little quicker. "What beer did madam serve?" "Everything except Tasmanian" she replied.. that was very helpful. Orders given and she delved into the ice - filled esky containing our beers. One brave soul asked for dinner - pizza only. "What type pizza did madam serve?" "Whatever you want", came back the helpful reply. She then asked a young gentleman, earing, tatts and cap on backyards, if he knew how to make one. "Yeah, I think so," came the reply. We decided we'd rather have some meal fished out of our freezer. Hopefully next visit will encourage us to stop and have a bite.

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